Repeat Prescriptions

Telephone a dedicated Medicines Ordering Line 0115 855 0260 or complete the form information (above) using who with your consent, will have access to your medication and process your request or query directly through to the GP. Your medication needs to be within 7 days of the prescribing date for the online system to be able to process. 

You can also order your prescriptions by emailing the MOL at with your name, date of birth, GP surgery and telephone number – one of the MOL operators will call you back within 48 hours to process the prescription request.

Staff are trained to deal with prescription requests and are able to resolve problems while patients are on the phone. Patients will also be told if a review is needed so that this can be organised prior to when they order again.

If you order through a local pharmacy (either by phone or dropping in a repeat slip), or by putting your slip in the repeat prescription box, we will ask you to ring the MOL or discuss registering for online ordering with one of our receptionists.

Why has it been designed?

The service has been used by patients all over Derby over the last few years and has so far saved our local NHS approximately £800,000 due to reducing wastage from medicines.  Derby and Derbyshire NHS can’t ignore the cost savings created by the scheme and so we have been encouraged, as with all practices in Derbyshire, to sign up to this.  We acknowledge that any change will generate some queries and anxiety.

Benefits for our patients?

  • Willington Surgery will be notified by the MOL when patients are ordering medication which may indicate that their medical condition is not well controlled. Examples include people requesting too many inhalers that might indicate that their asthma is not well controlled or someone who is getting through a lot of pain relief or angina spray, indicating to us that you might need to change treatments or come in for an early review.
  • We know that some of our patients, for example those with poor memory, rely on the pharmacy to order on their behalf. This will continue as your pharmacy can ring the order line directly in these instances. So, if this is already in place it will continue with no change.
    Those patients who have their medication in a weekly blister pack from the pharmacy will also be provided with their prescriptions and medication in the usual way.
  • The MOL pharmacy team will be able to synchronise medications effectively to prevent different tablets running out at different times.
  • Feedback from the trial practices has shown that phone or online ordering is an easy process for patients, or their families or carers, to do on their behalf.

Benefits to the practice?

  • Currently, our reception team spend 12 hours a week processing repeat prescriptions. This time will be better used to respond to phone calls or other patient queries that they are trained to manage.


  • Why do I have to phone a Nottingham number? –The MOL is currently based in Ilkeston, which carries a Nottingham dialling code. This is still charged at local rate.
  • What if I can’t use a computer? –Someone else could order your prescriptions for you online, or you (or someone else on your behalf) can phone the MOL. We will do everything we can at Willington to try to support you; please come and talk to us if you are struggling.  Also, the local pharmacy will endeavour to support you, and are on board with these Derbyshire wide changes.
  • What about medicines that aren’t on repeat? –Any queries for non-repeat medications will be passed onto us at Willington Surgery and a GP or clinical pharmacist will deal with these.
  • What if I need advice about my medicines? –You can still have a face to face conversation with your local pharmacy as you would have previously.
  • For more FAQ click here

We hope that you will be able to engage with this change, but we are truly happy to hear from you if you are not or you are having problems. We will do everything we can to support you using the new system.

The surgery does not accept prescription requests over the telephone due to safety.

We need a minimum of two full working days notice (ideally 5 working days) of your prescription request - this is required for medicines orderline also. 

You may not need to take some medicines all the time (for example, pain killers). You do not need to order these every time, but only when you need them.

All of your medicines should last for the same number of days. If you are running out of some items or have too much of some medication, please tell one of the practice staff or the pharmacy. We will adjust the quantities so that you only have to make on request every 28 or 56 days for your regular items.

You should have an appointment with a Pharmacist or GP at least every 12 months to review your medication.

At your next appointment tell the doctor if there are items that you are no longer taking. Always ask the Pharmacist or GP if you are unsure of any of your medicines.

Do not stockpile medicines at home. Only order those items that you need and return any unwanted medicines to your pharmacy for safe disposal.

Our practice is collaborating with NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) which is providing NHS numbers for those patients that may be suitable for electronic repeat dispensing prescriptions.

The information is obtained from NHS prescriptions submitted to the NHSBSA. A member of our clinical team will contact these patients soon to explain the benefits of this service.