Clinics We Offer

blood test

Phlebotomy (blood tests)

Blood tests can be performed in surgery between 8.00 and 13.00.  For services outside these hours there is more information here..

Antenatal Clinics

These are run by UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS OF DERBY AND BURTON NHS FOUNDATION TRUST from 2023 this service will be run out of the surgery at Clinic A, Florence Knightingale Hospital, London Road, Derby DE1 2QY 

For more information on maternity services, please click here or call 01332 254714.  Or you can access a clinic at Oaklands Retirement Village Hall Farm Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 8LH.  

Social Prescriber

We have a Social Prescriber who is on hand to help with any areas that impact on your health but are not medical.  For example, issues with housing, debt management or loneliness. To speak to the social prescriber, contact the surgery and this can be arranged. For more information visit watch this video you can self refer by using this form 



Clinical Pharmacist

We have two onsite clinical pharmacists who are here to help with any medication issues but are also skilled in long term condition reviews inlcuding Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and Hypertension. 

First Contact Physio

We have an onsite physio on a Monday afternoon, Wednesday and Friday who is an expert in acute isolated pain such as back pain and tennis elbow.  They can provide support, exercises and also arrange for pain medication via the GP or Clinical Pharmacist and, if required, refer you onto the hospital. 

Anti-Coagulation Therapy (warfarin)

Nurse Julie Harrington has consultation slots for patients on anti-coagulation therapy, and also visit housebound patients to deliver this service.

family planning

Coils and Contraceptive Implants

Dr Saunders & Dr Makava are experienced in coil and implant fitting enabling the Practice to offer this service to patients. 

Contraception and Sexual Health

The doctors and nurses at surgery can give information on all forms of contraception. Most can be provided at the surgery including coils and implants. Other providers of contraceptive services in Derbyshire can be accessed here.

For more information on taking the contraception pill, please click here.

We can also give advice about, and test for, sexually transmitted disease, although sometimes we may advise you that it is more appropriate for you to visit a specialist centre.


Immunisation and Vaccine Clinics

We immunise against infectious diseases which can cause death and disability and strongly recommend that all children should receive their full course of immunisation.             

Other immunisations (e.g. Hepatitis B; Flu or Rubella) are advised according to age or risk. Please ask our reception staff for details or click here for more information.

The surgery is currently not doing Covid vaccines, you can access covid vaccine programs via many pharmacys. 

Minor Surgery and Diathermy

Sessions are held for the removal of skin lesions, moles, warts, etc. that are causing discomfort. However, we cannot remove skin lesions for purely cosmetic purposes.

It is essential that patients have an appointment with the GP first so that the lesion can be properly assessed. If we are able to remove it at the surgery, we will arrange for patients to have an appointment at the minor surgery clinic.

Smoking Cessation

For more information, contact Live Life Better Derbyshire on 01246 515550.

Cancer Care Resource and Services 

If you wish to discuss any part of your support while going though cancer or being a carer for a cancer patient, please contact us to arrange an appointment.  You can also get help through our social prescribing service and many services are on the NHS website or


Team Up Derby

We work closely with Derby City Council (DCC) and Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) are we are aware they are proposing to enter a new partnership to jointly deliver a range of health and care support services in Derby. These services are aimed at helping people remain and live independently at home for as long as possible.  GPs are also involved in these services which are commonly known as rehabilitation and reablement.

Derby City Council and Derbyshire Community Health Services are proposing to come together to create a single service that supports people to stay at home when their health or care needs change, and to help people who need help after a hospital stay. These services aim to help people recover from ill health or help people who may have an urgent and changing situation at home such as a disruption to their normal health and care routine.

In Derby we are supporting about 380 people per week to stay at, or return home, whether that be in an urgent crisis or if they are returning home after being treated in hospital. 

However, not everyone currently can access this support when they need it. This is causing some people to be delayed from leaving hospital or having to wait at home for an assessment of their needs for much longer than we would like.

We would like to ask you to participate in a short on line survey about the Council and DCHS’s plans to help inform these developments. The survey can be accessed on the link below and is available until the 18th November 2023. There are also details of how to obtain paper copies rather than using an on line version:

Consultation on Integration between Derby City Council & Derbyshire Community Health Services | Let’s Talk Derby

We look forward to your participation and thank you for reading.